Lumber Versus Log Import Estimator - A personal computer spreadsheet program to compare lumber versus log import opportunities

This manual was designed to provide a mechanism to consider and to compare the opportunities of foreign manufacturers to import U.S. manufactured hardwood lumber instead of purchasing U.S. hardwood logs.

Blue Stain Brochure

Is blue stain coloring your bottom line red? Millions of dollars are lost every year when logs develop blue stain. Stained wood results in lower value or rejected wood products. Understanding blue stain problems will help you maximize the value of your logs and increase profits, create better relationships with customers, and contribute to healthy and sustainable forests in Wisconsin. Learn how to prevent this wood discoloration.

Wisconsin’s Wood Using Industry Database

Wisconsin's Wood Using Industry Database is a combination of the previous Primary and Secondary Wood Using Industry Databases. It consists of firms that manufacture logs and pulpwood into value added wood products. Specific examples include sawmills, plywood mills, and pulp mills. It also includes firms that manufacture dimensional and reconstituted wood products into value added wood products. Specific examples include furniture and cabinet manufacturers.

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